Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Are you planning your next trip to the beautiful and fantastic land of Ecuador? Are you a backpacker? A Student? Or just someone looking for some adventure?

I'm Abel and for about 2 months now I've been Chasing Ecuador! What do you mean? You may ask. Well these last few months I've been indulging in the culture. Meeting the people. Eating the best and sometimes not so great food. Learning the language! The best thing is, I haven't even gotten started. There is so much more left to do!

Needless to say, I've learned so much and want to share everything I know with you! So that when you step foot onto this amazing place, your adventure can be that much easier for you to plan! So don't be shy! Comment and share whatever you like! Follow meĀ on my endless adventures of Chasing Ecuador!


You can Chase too!

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